Fordham University Education Track Mockup

Design Goals

For this project I wanted to bring a new and modern look to the current school’s layout while keeping in mind their conservative background. This page offers a sleek and unique page layout that utilizes images that are warm and candid in nature. These are the lives of these students and teachers. They are happy knowing that they’ve chosen a Masters that makes them happy in their career choice and this ensnares the viewer by bringing that mentality to their own life goals. Keeping Covid-19 in mind, I wanted the Field Experience section to reflect not only a traditional classroom setting which is hinted at in the supporting imagery, but more importantly, the classroom setting we see today, the online experience. The main imagery in this section is of a teacher utilizing their skills in an online classroom, denoting that the future of learning is digital even for children. I chose to break the Admissions, Online Learning, and Student Support into icon supported columns once again utilizing the school’s blue color to break away from their heavier red and gray themes and to accentuate the information that accompanies the icons. We end the page with a CTA that is visually similar to the initial Hero image, playing off of the elements of the degree that we’ve now learned about, and ends the page with a Request Information button for those students who are ready to move forward with the program.

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