About Me

Hey, I’m Erin.

I am a graphic designer with a production background and over 7 years of experience. I have a keen eye for organization and enjoy creating and maintaining new templates for my team. I thrive when I am able to bring new and fresh ideas to the projects I’m working on. I believe that being highly organized is a key to running a team smoothly and enjoy collaborating with my clients to bring strong design concepts to life.

I believe we never stop learning, and I relish working in the continued education field. Education and design are important aspects of my daily life and I enjoy having a hand in sharing knowledge with others.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Erin is such a gem. She is efficient, precise, and focused. She is always hungry to take on more responsibility and she always delivers accurate work on time. She is passionate about finding ways to make things work together better and I have always valued her input and her ideas. She is always positive and just an absolute joy to work with.”

Kylie Perrotti UX Designer | Art Director | Photographer | Illustrator